Fri 30 Oct - 8pm


Bringing their complete audio-visual DJing madness to the streets of Hounslow, electronic duo Addictive TV need to be seen to be believed, remixing everything from Stevie Wonder and The Walking Dead to Tinie Tempah and Star Trek, it’s entertainment Jim, but not as we know it!  In full rugby mode, expect to see the dynamic duo super-cutting and remixing their way through the Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon movie Invictus, about the true story of the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

 Sampling movies and videos to the extreme, the pair create their music by keeping the audio and video samples together, so audiences get to see more than just a DJ, more than just graphics or visuals; they get to experience music in a genuinely unique way.  “Responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” is how The Times described Addictive TV, who were twice voted Number One VJ in the World in DJ Mag alongside their Top 100 DJ Poll, saying “they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture”. 

Watch the video below to see their latest audio-visual remixing talents in action.