Sat 1 July, 2pm & 3:30pm

  C. Mayra Gurzman




About 40 minutes

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"I have been to Paradise and this is what I saw...”

Paradiso: Man’s Enduring Search for Perfection brings together an international creative team and a diverse cast to produce a sensual, earthly choreography. Inspired by the final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, this 40-minute dance production shares common human struggles performed in an energetic celebration of dance. Take passage through the heavenly cosmos and find answers to the obstacles of vanity, ambition and desire.

Produced in association with Circulate, Wac Arts, British Library, Watermans Art Centre and The Nehru Centre. Akademi is funded by Arts Council England.

“Turn your gaze heavenward and leave this restless world behind.”

Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy


Since 1979 Akademi has taken South Asian dance into outdoor spaces, re-defining the parameters of the art form and directly bringing art to the public. Their pioneering work has nurtured world-class artists like Akram Khan MBE and Shobana Jeyasingh, contributing significantly to Britain’s international reputation for innovation in South Asian dance.

They have produced performances across the UK and built a highly-regarded participation programme delivering social, education and health impacts. Nearing their 40th year, they want to enhance their position as the UK’s leading producer of South Asian dance, build strong talent development pathways for the next generation of dancers and continue to change lives through inspirational participatory work.

It is with the financial support of Circulate Commission, host Watermans and the wider consortium partnership of The Albany, Millfield Theatre, Stratford Circus, Independent Street Arts Network and Mayor of London that they continue to deliver their work.