Sat 6 MAY. 9pm

  C. Mayra Gurzman

Delphine Dartus & Hervé Perrin

Mathieu Dartus

30 minutes

Cie Bilbobasso

Join us for the launch of another year of fantastic FREE Bell Square events with the company who started it all back in 2014. The show is suitable for all ages.

A couple in a ring. They’ve got quite a few years of marriage under their belt, and now their tenderness is made up of cruelty and violence. Today, on edge, they can’t get close without murdering each other. The smallest thing can ignite the situation. Actually everything ignites in their home! Cooking, laundry, vacuuming: all these activities and everyday objects find themselves in the middle of a real domestic and unpredictable bullfight where flame, smoke and coloured flying sparks transform an all-too-common situation into a stunning, giant firecracker.

This show is a comedy, a fight, a duel. It’s ambivalent, crazy, playful, savage and tenacious. You’ll never quarrel the same way again!

The show lasts approximately 30 minutes.