Our ever popular Winter Lights event was held at Bell Square recently - and as you can see from the photo gallery it's a dazzling and beautiful for everyone that comes along.  As always, it's a free event and everyone is welcome.

One of our Bell Square Ambassadors Catherine came along and was inspired to write this beautiful poem, read it in full below

The ceremony of winter lights
A harbinger of many cold nights
Lit up with many-hued beacons of hope
Held by the future of tomorrow
& yesterday’s shadow
Making memories new
And brushing old ones anew
At the church, a sea of illuminated creatures
Heard the mayor praise Hounslow’s features
She sparked the fire
Of Hounslow’s desire
Up went the gargantuan bell held by a rope
As did the lady on the tight rope
There resounded in the air
An echo, as a hundred rockets did flare
And the speakers did blare
Hounslow was the place to be
For all those who did dare!
- Catherine Habbie

Thank you Catherine - we love your writing and poetry!


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