cia ignífuga

A House Is Not A Home

Sat 23 SEP, 7:30pm & 9:15pm

C. Mayra Gurzman

Cia Ignífuga

70 minutes

7:30pm &9:15pm

Supported by:

CPP Hounslow



A group of people wait for the last person to join the party. But something has gone wrong…

A House Is Not A Home is an adaptation of Interior, a moving play by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck. The plot is simple: from outside, two people observe the interior of a house. They have some bad news to share with the residents. But the image of apparent happiness on the interior will make it hard to do this.

A House Is Not A Home is performed on an exterior public space with the audience listening in on headphones. The audience becomes aware of the isolation within the house as they're able to spy the lives of its residents. This "stalker action" adds a soundtrack that turns the spectator into an active witness of the show's situation. A single word can disrupt the order of events and transform a peaceful home into an inhospitable place.

This show seeks new formal territories and new ways to experiment on stage. It’s a theatre experience designed to be represented in a non-conventional space: inside a basic little house structure specially built for the show with the audience listening to the action on headphones.

The show lasts approximately 70 minutes.