CIrculate showcase

Leventes - Mem Morrison - Akademi

Sat 12 Aug. Midday - 6:30pm

C. Mayra Gurzman

Mem Morrison - Akademi - Leventes 

6 1/2 hours

Supported by:
Circulate London

Join us for a extraordinary showcase of acrobatics, dance and stunning theatrics. This show is suitable for all ages.

A silent protest, twins, hair-dos and a dance party - all in one day! A showcase of new British work supported by Circulate.

Silencer by Mem Morrison is an intimate durational visual ‘action’, a sea of white blank placards slowly and silently marching through the streets of the 4 venue partners’ locations, created by and for local people. Performative, strikingly visual and transient in nature, the aim of this participatory project is to raise awareness of the political, cultural and individual challenges faced by the local residents living and working within the vicinity of the 4 venue partners’ locations and giving voice to the many unsung heroes who have shaped these areas of London. 

Eleni and Bethanie established Levantes Dance Theatre in 2005 to create bold innovative work. The company has been funded mostly through commissions, upon which we have developed a national reputation and track record of delivering high-quality successful productions.

Since 1979 Akademi has taken South Asian dance into outdoor spaces, re-defining the parameters of the art form and directly bringing art to the public. Their pioneering work has nurtured world-class artists like Akram Khan MBE and Shobana Jeyasingh, contributing significantly to Britain’s international reputation for innovation in South Asian dance.

They have produced performances across the UK and built a highly-regarded participation programme delivering social, education and health impacts.