Sat 20 MAY.  1pm & 3pm

  C. Mayra Gurzman

“They are funny, ironic, self-mocking, serious and demanding!”
Roy Campbell-Moore

H.O.H is an interactive, immersive dance piece that is centred on the nation’s favourite
sport, football, tackling socio-political issues that affect our everyday life. Using the concept
of football; the athleticism, the skill, the flamboyant characters are used as a forum to
communicate with the audience wider issues that are happening in modern society. H.O.H
explores the connection of multi-cultural British people and football, creating a frenzied
public disorder as these characters voices and stories are exposed.

H.O.H will comically force the audience to look at the nation’s beloved game from a
different perspective; through hip hop theatre and contemporary movement the dancers
will combine fast paced footwork, physical floor work with thrilling vitality: performing a
fury of scenes that are ironic, amusing yet demanding.

Here's a video of Far from the Norm performing indoors at Sadlers Wells.