Mar Gomez
presents HEART WASH

1PM / 2.30PM / 4PM

From Catalonia, this is a love story told with great drama and passion through dance. 

On the one hand, a strong woman, a very strong woman; a washing machine; an arid space that is remote and isolated, and endless laundry to wash. On the other hand, a man adrift, a man who hasn’t ever put clothes in a washing machine, nor does he know that those dirty clothes even have to be washed at all. And, not only that, they must be washed in time so they don’t surprise anyone with any unpleasant smells or unbearable stench.

Mar Gómez Dance Company tells a story through dance, with their inimitable wit and irony. It's a story of encounter and divergence: the adventure of an uncomfortable love, disconcerting and with no solution.

Part of Big Dance, the biennial London-wide festival of dance to be held 11- 20 July