18 July – 10am – 6pm with ceremonial demolition at 2pm on 19 July


A fantastic opportunity to be a part of a special project in Bell Square. You’re invited to help build a fantastical, epic, temporary tower using cardboard boxes and tape and a dose of that all important community spirit. Watch in amazement as the tower begins to soar above the Bell Square skyline.

See the tower rise at Glastonbury 2013 here!

The People’s Tower is brought to Bell Square by Internationally renowned French visual artist Olivier Grossetete in partnership with Circulate.

The build will take place from 10am to 6pm on Saturday 18 July. The tower will stand overnight until 2pm the next day, and will be ceremoniously demolished from 2pm!

 There will be workshops to build sections of the tower in the run up to this event. If you’d like to take part either as a group or individual, please contact Caroline@watermans.org.uk