Ray Lee


Sat 2 DEC 4.30pm, 5.30pm & 6.30pm

  C. Mayra Gurzman

Ray Lee

30 mins

4.30pm, 5.30pm & 6.30pm

Funded by:
Circulate London





Chorus is a collective of monumental and transfixing sound sculptures created by sound artist Ray Lee. Towering high above the audience, giant metal tripods with rotating arms sing out hypnotic siren calls creating a pulsating harmonic drone. Red lights whirl like a swarm of fireflies, or of planets in motion, like mesmerising orbits of colour.

Chorus consists of fourteen five-meter tall tripods with rotating arms. These structures have been designed to create an immersive sound experience capable of transforming urban or rural environments. 

Chorus aims to bring a contemporary music and visual art spectacle to a very wide audience. By locating the work outdoors and on a monumental scale Chorus is able to be experienced by large numbers of people and has the ability to attract people to the work who may have been ‘just passing by’

Ray Lee is an award-winning sound artist and composer. He creates spinning, whirling, and pendulous sound installations and performances that explore “circles of ether,” the invisible forces that surround us. His immersive and mesmerising works such as the world-wide hit Siren, Ethometric Museum and his monumental outdoor work Chorus aim to make contemporary music accessible and engaging for a wide audience.