Same Sky

Winter Lights

Sat 18 NOV 6.30pm

  C. Mayra Gurzman

Same Sky

30 mins


Funded by:
CPP Hounslow & Tesco


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Winter Lights is an event of three parts – a lantern procession, the switching on of the town centre Christmas Lights by the Mayor of Hounslow, and a pyrotechnic performance on Bell Square.

Same Sky (Leading Community arts Charity) are delighted to return to Hounslow for the third Hounslow Winter Lights. Their work engages directly with the community to produce a wide range of events combining the visual and performing arts.

They act as a resource for schools and other community groups supplying information and specialist advice and a programme of master-classes, training courses and residencies. They have a proven track record in producing site specific events and installations, permanent and temporary public art

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