Ziya Azazi
presents Dervish in Progress

12.30PM / 3PM

From the late nineties up to the present, Ziya Azazi's dance practices have been primarily based on experimental whirling and repetition, which reflect his personal, artistic, conceptual and motional analysis of traditional Sufi dance. One of the remarkable aspects of these projects has been the simultaneous representation of contradictory perceptions of physical awareness and a high state of ecstasy, which has allowed Azazi to personally research the possible mental transformations caused by the altering intensities of speed and tension made possible by whirling.

Dynamic, joyful choreography allows him to transform the usual whirling dervish image and the classical Sufi dance into a spectacular form. 

Through his performances, Ziya Azazi seeks to represent the moment of realisation when the Dervish begins to enjoy his/her achievement through the joyful and ecstatic repetition of whirling: the looping and spinning which leads to trance.