Sat 14 July, 9.45pm

(We recommend that this isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 14)

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Burning Man is Mohamed Bouazizi. A young street vendor who, asphyxiated by his economic context and the police mistreatment he suffered, burned publicly. The unexpected and overwhelming blast wave that caused his gesture turned Bouazizi into a myth for millions of people, propitiating “the Arab Spring.” 

Insectotròpics recreates the use of this tragic and brutal death. Video art, painting, theatre, live music and performance merge into a brutal and explosive multimedia show that must be seen in action through its 360° stage. You see the action from all possible angles, just as in reality, or a viral piece of news on the net.  

The Legend of Burning Man It is a poetic journey, based on real events, where the company does a review of an old show, “Bouazizi”, premiered and co-produced by Fira Tarrega and the TNT Festival in 2013 and updated in 2017 under a new look with the artistic collaboration of David Climent from 

To answer a big question of our time: If we are all on the web, who is the spider? 

To read our artistic director's blog about this show, click here.

FUNDER: Circulate and supported by the Institut Ramon Llull

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