avanti display: full circle

Sat 14 Sept, 1pm & 3.30pm

An interactive show which will intrigue the audience and bring them together… with a lot of buckets. Just how many will they need?!

Sitting comfortably on the fence between art and entertainment, Avanti shows range in scale from epic to miniature. Their work that is accessible, surprising and comic and this new show is a mischievous, experimental entertainment performed in the round.

Firstly a series of odd actions intrigue the audience and draw them into a circle where they become more than a group of strangers watching a show as they are asked to help the performers in a series of tasks. Gradually they are drawn into the logic and become a team. Now invested in where the show is going, although they don't know where that is, they ultimately will decide how things end and for one audience member this decision will have consequences.

To find out more about our autumn/winter season check out our artistic director’s regular blog here.


FUNDER: Circulate