Bell Square 2016 gets off to a fantastic start

I've been coming to Hounslow all my life and it is really exciting to see quality arts events happening here. I work with Watermans, the arts centre in Brentford, and have been involved in Bell Square myself in 2015. This year I have become the first Bell Square Blogger

Carousel attracted the biggest crowd I’d seen at the Square. It was fantastic to see people clapping along and cheering at the end. The act itself was best in its moments of high energy, with a toe-tapping folk score. The story that Southpaw was telling was classically tragic. It was great to see a dance show so focused on telling an emotional story captivating a large and diverse group of people.

Of Man and Beast by Company Chameleon didn’t draw a huge crowd, due to performing twice in the afternoon and the bad weather. The show itself was very interesting though, again with a narrative focus. It was fun to hear Rage Against the Machine being blared in the middle of Hounslow. Interviewing the performers was a brilliant experience that I recommend to any young people interested in journalism.

Teatr KTO told a wacky but pretty easy-to-follow tale about modern working life. I heard people talking about the show in a local shop after, describing it as very raunchy. And while it wasn’t afraid to take risks, the show seemed suitable for everyone. It tackled everyday life in a truthful and funny way. Initially, when the pack of dancers began to sprint away into the high street, I wasn’t too pleased about having to chase them down. However, after seeing the crowd grow and change every time they moved, I came to see the decision as incredibly smart. Company Chameleon had said that the venue was great because of the people passing through, but when both the act and the audience are in transit, they become even more intertwined. Despite the show's outlandishness, it seemed to grab people’s attentions more than any other. It has been amazing to see audiences getting more involved and the acts connecting more and more.

Check out my video of these three events below: