Blogger in residence TrendFEM reviews Joli Vyann

We are delighted to share another review of one of our Bell Square London events by our blogger in residence Mary Nguyen of TrendFEM.

Photo by Mary Nguyen
Photo by Mary Nguyen

Joli Vyann, an ‘innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre’ company, stunned the local audience of Bell Square London, at the end of Hounslow’s busy high street, with their audacious, yet ethereal performance Lance Moi En L’air(Throw me in the air). They danced slowly together to soft music, by Xavier Demerliac, a blend of light acoustic sounds and percussion instruments which enhanced the timeless states of their bold and impressively delicate movements.

Ex-stuntman Jan Patzke and ex-gymnast Olivia Quale formed Joli Vyann in 2012 and have continued to tour internationally, captivating audiences with their refreshing take on dance and acrobatics. In the middle of Bell Square, whilst Patzke was crouched on the floor, Quale skillfully climbed on his back. Steadily, he stood up tall without holding her hands. Then, somehow, Quale was standing on top of Patzke’s head, balancing herself on one foot. There, Joli Vyann had become a 8 ft tall person.

You can continue reading Mary's review of Joli Vyann at Bell Square London on her blog here.

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