A Review of Guixot de 8 from Bell Square Ambassadors Navya and Thara


Guixot de 8 took up residence in Bell Square earlier this month and here is the view from the eyes of two of our junior Bell Square bloggers Navya and Thara.

And here it is, along with some great photos they took as well:

On Saturday 4th November, we went to Bell Square to see the Guixot de 8 games. We saw many games and they were all unique and something we had never seen before. They were made of old reused parts of bicycles and kitchen utensils such as pans and spoons.

As a person who’s only seen newly built toys, this was a great opportunity to have fun with old but new games. It was interesting to see how creative the builders from Barcelona had been and how they used physics to make games without using electricity. We really enjoyed playing all the games and how difficult they were. They all required different skills and determination. 

We saw all the children and also many adults trying to succeed in the games. They got frustrated but were still very invested in achieving the aim of the games. 

Overall this was a great experience and something we’d love to do again.

Thanks again to Navya and Thara for coming along and they took some great photos which you can see here.


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