Happy New Year from Bell Square - a poem from us

Welcome to 2018 and we would like to take the opportunity to share with you another great piece of writing from one of our attendees.

Bell Square Ambassador Catherine watched FlameOz, our last event of 2017, and wrote this joyous, beautiful poem, read it in full below


Flame OZ

Tonight was a performance by Flame OZ

It left the crowd in awes

The three fire musketeers

Receive all our cheers

For they filled us with delight

With their amazing fire light

There were pendulums of light

That were a fiery sight

Although their actions seemed random

They moved in tandem

Next was the light sabre

That created many a chamber

Of hearts and butterflies

Mimicking a thousand fireflies

The finale had fountains of light

The sizzling flares

Made everyone forget their cares

Not minding the scorches from torches

Faces in the blaze aglow

As ‘Merry Xmas’ flashed

Their steps matched

Everyone was soon mellow

Voices began to soon bellow

Praises and claps from every fellow

---- ends ----

Thank you again Catherine for your great contribution, we love poetry!

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