insectotropics: legend of the burning man

Sat 14 July, 9.45pm

(We recommend that this performance is suitable for those over the age of 14)

The Legend  Burning Man- Insectotropics.jpg

A dramatic re-telling of the start of the Arab spring featuring video art, painting, theatre, live music and performance on a 360° stage. 

The Legend of Burning Man presents the story of a man whom everyone has heard of, but nobody knows his name. A myth for millions of people, capable of igniting the net
and triggering a wave of revolutions.

Burning Man is Mohamed Bouazizi. A young street vendor who, asphyxiated by his economic context and the police mistreatment he suffered, burned publicly. The unexpected
and overwhelming blast wave that caused his gesture turned Bouazizi into a myth for millions of people, propitiating “the Arab Spring.”

Insectotròpics recreates the use of this tragic and brutal death. They manipulate images, become icons, things that are not. Public opinion and feelings are also manipulated. In
this globalized and hyper-informed world, the amount of information is directly proportional to the amount of manipulation.

Video art, painting, theatre, live music and performance merge into a brutal and explosive multimedia show that must be seen in action through the 360° stage. It’s like this so
that it’s seen from all possible angles. Just as reality, or a viral piece of news on the net.

During the performance the public is not only presented with the final work but also the “work in progress” in the live setting. The staging reveals the guts of the artistic process,
the techniques used and how they interact. A fusion between theater and visual arts, between pre-recording, live work and improvisation. A mixture between documentary and fiction, a world of dream and mythological dimensions that takes us to the less conventional corners of the common imagination.

FUNDER: Circulate with the support of the Institut Ramon Llull

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