joli vyann: anima

Sat 6 July, 1pm & 3pm

Joli Vyann pushes aside the boundaries between acrobatics and dance with intelligence and impressive skill.”
The Guardian

Anima is Latin for breath, life and soul. Joli Vyann’s new show explores the simple act of breathing in all its forms and how it connects us all.

In the video above, Joli Vyann AKA Olivia and Jan, talk about how they met, how they work and what they love about Bell Square. You can also see rehearsals of their new show Anima, while they were in residency at Watermans.

Rehearsals for the new show

Rehearsals for the new show

How does breath affect our emotions? Our physicality? Our very being? The performers push themselves to the limits of their physicality where breath is shared, breath is stolen and breath is forced. Using Joli Vyann’s unique blend of dance and acrobatics, Anima is about the delicate connection between two people breathing through an emotional roller coaster. Anima features a live musician, using dance, circus and voice, allowing breath to literally become the soundscape for the performance.

This is a new show, made at Watermans in Brentford, Hounslow.

FUNDER: Watermans