the invasion

Sat 1 Dec, 1pm & 3pm

6 INVASION_by Anders Pihl web.jpg

An interplanetary expedition of immigrants from outer space has landed on our planet. Members of the expedition belong to different alien species, but as a reaction to the Earth atmosphere they gained a new protective color, so that humans would not take them too seriously.

The Invasion is a mixture of visual spectacle and interaction between audience and actors, an unconventional and exciting new expression based on non-verbal physical theater and site-specific live compositions.

Prepare yourself for some truly unexpected „interplanetary “dialogue.

But please, don’t panic! They come in pink

About the Artists

LJUD is a collective of artists from different backgrounds who have gathered to change the world through the medium of art. Their members believe in theatre as a “living” phenomenon that must be in direct contact with the present time and space.

Playing with the “fourth wall” between the actor and the audience is vital for the group in order to establish theatre performance as a game, a ritual and a social event.

Ljud is focused on performing in public spaces, combining different media, genres and techniques.

FUNDER: Global Streets