southpaw: icarus

Sat 8 June, 9pm

Icarus is the brand new outdoor work from Southpaw, a company Bell Square audiences have seen before and loved!

Featuring an impressively mythic set of wings, with blistering lifting and contact work alongside Southpaw’s distinctive mix of intense physicality and narrative, Icarus is a dance theatre interpretation of the classic Greek myth.

Obsessed with the skies, we see Icarus in his quest to achieve flight. Using dance and the distinctive, highly physical language that Southpaw has become known for, Icarus leaps, flips, and flies, ever raising the stakes in the bid to attain flight, ever looking upwards.

A hybrid of choreography and puppetry allows the audience to experience the tale of Icarus first hand, complete with 16 foot wings that enable Icarus to soar through the skies.

The performance at Bell Square will be preceded by a short procession down Hounslow High street.

About the Company

Southpaw Dance Company was set up in 2013 under the artistic direction of choreographer Robby Graham. The company creates dance theatre that has been called, “… witty, hardedged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times), and “Atmospheric, vigorous, and breath-taking” (Sarah Crompton, The Daily Telegraph)

Southpaw Dance Company creates powerful, joyous performances, from small scale solo work to large scale outdoor spectaculars, combining absolute artistic integrity with engaging narratives which inspire and excite audiences, and ultimately expresses a passion for what dance performance can be.

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