teatr biuro podrozy: the winter's tale

Sat 6 Oct, 8pm

Running time: 45 mins

Winters Tale 2 credit Tomasz Ostrowski (3).jpg

An adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare. This open air production, where you move around with the action, follows the story of Leontes, the king of Sicily, and his obsessive jealousy which brings the family to tragedy, break-up. If you’d like to read a plot summary, you can read it here in English.

An American literary critic Harold Bloom called Leontes “Shakespeare's finest representation of jealousy of the male heart. Shakespeare's portrayal is debatable, as he is viewed as a jealous tyrant, in many ways a true villain, though there is also a commonly held view that Shakespeare purposefully wanted to present a childish, flippant man.”

In the performance the unfolding story is not a realistic, literal rendering of the play. The Shakespearian text is converted into a sequence of images. The form of the mystery play gives the spectators the feeling of metaphoric pilgrimage while they witness and accompany Leontes in his ordeal. There are new characters and new situations. The performance action is located in five different sites: Hermiones Memorial, Garden, Court/Trial, Mammilius Room and Cathedral.

The Polish-English production is performed with international cast. It is co-produced with Imagineer Productions from Coventry/UK.

Directed by Paweł Szkotak

Leontes: Sławomir Grzymkowski

Bear: Łukasz Kowalski

Hermione: Marta Strzałko

Polixenes: Bruce Tetlow

El Mariachi/Musicians: Emily Brooks, Aizah Khan, Charles Craggs, Joshua Patel, Bruce Tetlow.

Furies: Bartosz Borowski, Jarosław Siejkowski, Tomasz Wrzalik

FUNDER: CPP Hounslow.