Block Mania!

This post has been written by Bell Square London blogger Navjot Kahlon.

On the 27th of August, Hounslow's Bell Square was enlightened by the presence of No Fit State and Motion House as they performed "Block". What this consisted of was 20 Jenga-like blocks that were tactfully used by the circus performers and dancers to portray a beautiful and interesting performance for the public.

The lovely weather brought many audience members as they eagerly anticipated what the blocks would be used for, and they were blown away. From the second the performance started, everybody fell silent as they watched the mind blowing performance. Blocks would be re-arranged to create many visions, they would be thrown into the air and caught again. But the most fascinating part that the audience loved in particular was when the performers would climb onto the blocks and get carried across the square; the audience could not believe their sights!

There were also many shocking moments, you could hear the gasps from the audience when the performers would jump from such great heights and would land safely to the ground. Blocks would start vigorously shaking with people on them and you could see the audience on the edge of their seats! It was truly a magnificent piece, and had the audience thrilled. Various types of music played in the background of the performance which further enticed the public. 

The final part of the performance was definitely the best, using the blocks, the performers tried to make a huge tower. They would climb on each stage level and grab another block from below. Their attempts were followed by huge cheers from the audience as they finally completed the whole tower, with each performer being accommodated in each level. However, the audience was still being prepared for the final surprise. The breakdown of the tower. Piece by piece, the tower started falling to the ground as the audience stared in shock and awe. 

It was a wonderful experience to see such a great crowd that were so enthusiastic about the performance and very cheerful. Overall, the performance was a great audience pleaser and left everyone in awe. 

Below are some of the highlights of the performance: