Bell Square Blogger Review - Big Dance Bus 2016

What a wonderful end to the Big Dance Bus! The journey of the iconic London bus ended on September the 10th in Bell Square, with the rainy weather reflecting the sadness of such an amazing event coming to an end. 

The Big Dance bus pops up in several places across London, with its active and interactive performances lightening up the high streets, parks and even housing estates! The company was founded in 2006, so this year marks its ten year anniversary! It definitely was a special day! The organisation is led by the Mayor of London  and delivered in partnership with People Dancing and the Big Dance Hubs.

Various acts took the crowded stage at Bell Square, and whilst everyone hid under umbrellas or ponchos, their eyes saw some of the most magnificent pieces of performance they could have ever seen. A taste of every culture was seen through the performances, exciting everybody, no matter what background they came from! Everybody seemed to have learnt a new dance style that they hadn't discovered before, so it was also a great learning experience for everyone. From hip-hop to bhangra, everyone danced along. It was absolutely amazing to see the elderly having the time of their lives dancing to the songs too!

One eye catching performance I witnessed was where the driver of the Big Dance Bus came out for what he thought would be a nice sleep. However, he was going to be proved wrong. the talented dancers creeped up upon him, and took both the driver and the audience back into time to show us that change music has overcome. quick outfit changes, music interludes and panic emerged from the stage as we'd teleport from decade to decade. Some of the most extravagant outfits were worn, although the same couldn't have been said for the driver in his pyjamas and night hat!

The most iconic performance had to be at the end, when YOU, the public, follow a dance routine and danced in the rain. As they say "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain"! Children, adults, and the elderly all joined onto the stage to jump about, wave their hands and most importantly, dance! The crowd erupted into joy and laughter upon seeing this. It was great to see a very depressing day transformed into a day of pure happiness :)

The next event at bell square is:

22 Oct. 3pm


Make sure to go with your friends and family for an enjoyable day out!